New KOHLER DEC3500 Generator Control System

New KOHLER DEC3500 generator control system, does automatically the process of paralleling two or more generator. click for detail

SRZ Engineering Stack Gas Measurement Services

Baha Surez
SRZ Engineering
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Ayden Marine Developed 3D Ship Engineering Software

Ayden Marine has been established in 2010 to develop needed engineering softwares at many fields; initially marine sector. It also developed first Turkish 3D ship engineering software.
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Europort Istanbul, Opened Its Gates on 11 March

On behalf of IMEAK Chamber of Shipping, Exposhipping Europort Istanbul, 13. International Marine Fair is organised by UBM NTSR International Fair and Congress Organisations and AHOY Rotterdam partnership. click for detail

Piri Reis University, Started to MentorSHIP Programme

"MentorSHIP: Ship Construction Industry R & D and Innovation Development Center and Certification Programme" is supported by Istanbul Development Agency and carried out by Piri Reis University as part of Innovator Istanbul Monetary Assistance Programme. click for detail

Rolls-Royce will Build Off Shore Ship in Turkey

Rollys-Royce signed an 12 Billion sterling agreement for providing stimulation systems, material, integrated power and design to comprehensive service ship production with advanced technology, which will be build for the operation of a shipping line company Myklebusthaug Management in Norway.
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Naval Auxiliary Machinery

Volvo Penta
İbrahim Kaplan
Marine Trade Motors Sales Executive
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Inebolu Shipyard

Inebolu Shipyard is at Kastamonu İnebolu. It gives the opportunity of repair and care before going for Karadeniz to Karadeniz ships.
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Piri Reis University

Founder: Turkish Sea Education Foundation (It supports and be one of the Sea Trade Office Founder)
Rector: Prof. Dr. Oral Erdoğan
Foundation Date: 2008
Province: Istanbul
Academical Personnel Number: 22
Student No: 1619
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Two Dynamic Concept for Pipe Bending Without Having Smash-up Risk

Product & Technique

Transfluid, generated a special right/left bending technology as being a solution for lack of space. click for detail

1 Waste Taking Ship is in Service from Aydan

Aydan 1 ship is made by Aydan Marine in İzmir. It is the second waste collection ship and it is launch to sea with the ceremony which is arranged by Levent Marina. click for detail

Ship Engineering Week Activities by GMO

TMMOB Chamber of Ship Engineers Room arranged "Chamber of Ship Engineers and Turkey Ship Building Industry Symposium in its 60. Year". It actualized on 12 December in Titanic Business Hotel, Kartal. click for detail

Wartsila Shipping Equipments are Choosen for 2 New Fisher Ships

2 new 78 m Purser Trawler type fisher ship's design and building is made by Danish Kasrtensen Shipyard. They will be equipped by shipping and control equipments of Wartsila. click for detail

Dikkan is Selling Valve to 52 Country

Dikkan Inc. is founded in 1978. It produces special designed valves, industrial and ship valves. It continues to growing with its R&D and quality focused studies in domestic and abroad markets. click for detail

Diko's Marine Type Electrical Boilers is in National Geoghraphic's ORION Ship

ORION research ship is belong to National Geographic, its marine type electrical boilers are made by Diko Electrical Devices. Totally 3 boiler are delivered in November 2013 and it is in service since that date. click for detail

KSB Pomps are used since 1962 at CAP SAN DIEGO

World's biggest museum ship, CAP SAN DIEGO has approximately 10 thousand tonnage load capacity. It proceeds with German pomp producer KSB pomps since approximately 50 years. click for detail

Countdown continues for Metyx Composite Days

Composite days' 4th is arranged by Metyx Composites on 22-24 Oct. 2014 at İstanbul Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa. click for detail

Yılmaz Karahanoğlu Died

Yılmaz Karahanoğlu , who is from Turkish Ship Building Sector Connoisseur and Turkey Ship Building Industrialist Association (GİSBİR) founders; between 1989-1994 he was 4. board chairman of GİSBİR. click for detail

TMMOB Ship Engineers Room Board of Management Meeting

Ship Engineers Room 44. Term Board of Management, announced that they will do the meeting 13 Nov. 2014 at 21:30 Validebağ Tent. click for detail

DTO İzmir, Took a Photo of the Sector

IMEAK Deniz Ticaret Odası (Sea Trade Room) Izmir Branch Office Chairman of the Board Yusuf Öztürk, said that they took the photograph of the sector as a result of meetings with the members, who are in their responsibility areas. click for detail

Prüftechnik Turkey and Mobius Combined Their Forces!

International ISO CAT certificated vibration educations brings perfection to the technical personnels, who are active on machine vibration measurement and analysis issues. This education is now in Turkey. click for detail

ABS Organized "LNG as a Marine Fuel" Seminar

ABS, organized "LNG as a Marine Fuel" seminar at Marriott Hotel Asia on 7 March Friday. It informed the sector about using LNG as fuel at ship shipment systems. click for detail

Garanti Çelik, Meets Sector's Needs for Stainless Steel

Besides other many sectors, Garanti Çelik supplies stainless steel products to ship building industry. It meets the needs of sector for high qualified imported materials. click for detail

Turkey's Success is Increasing on Mega Yacht Production and Exportation

Turkey, discovered the importance of marine sector and it continues to succeed on yacht construction industry. click for detail

Negmar marine, bought Two LPG Transportation Ship from South Korea

Negmar, bought two LPG transportation ship from Hyundai Heavy Industry Company, which is in South Korea. The names of Anka and Dicle is given to ships. With these ships; Negmar will transport ammonia, butane and propane. The company increased its LPG ship quantity in its fleet to 5 with its 2 new LPG ships. click for detail

10 Coast Guard Control Boat, which is produced in Ares Shipyard, Delivered to Coast Guard Commandership

Within the scope of Project "In Turkey's Pilot and Prototype Areas, Land and Sea Surveillance Equipments Supply Component LOT 1" (it is supported by Europe Union (EU)), 10 Coast Guard Control Boat's (made by Dearsan Ship Construction Industry I.C.) delivery ceremony was on 6 December 2013 Friday by the attendance of Interior Minister Muammer Güler. They are delivered to Ares Shipyard operates in Antalya Free Zone. click for detail

Sanmar, introduced its 4 Towing Boat that it built

4 towing boats that builted by Sanmar Shipyard to Bukser og Berging AS firm, which is in Norway, introduced with a ceremony to the both foreign and domestic guests. click for detail

Memorandum of Understanding between GİSBİR and OISA

İslamic Ship-Owners Association Organization OISA's United Arab League's Dubai city, at 26. Annual Meeting, which is carried out on 27 November 2013, Turkey Ship Construction Industrialist Association (GİSBİR) and OISA signed Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of provide cooperation on primarily ship constuction and then marine. click for detail